Monday, March 9, 2009

phone conversation with my brother....

what could i say about right now?? we are doing a lot of hard work, my live is on hold as i train, eat sleep and have absolutly no energy for anything else... it dosnt make sence for people outside of this sport but here, everyone is so commited to get the work done that it almost feel normal to destroy ourself on a daily even learn to like it!!!

Sebastien: so, what have you done tonight?

Me: oh, i ran a marathon

Sebastien: oh really? is that normal this late in the day

Me: I dont know if it s normal but i had to do it, the coach said so...

Sebastien: ok, so that must be normal then... how was yesturday?

Me: it was black sunday, we rode from 7am to 5:30pm with 2 break in that ride.. i was so exausthed that i could not sleep all night.

Sebastien: how can you be exausthed but not able to sleep, that dosnt make sence...

Me: I know, it s just the way it is and i try to not think about it

Sebastien: well, enjoy your day off tomorow!!!!

Me: no no, no day off for me, i have to do another long ride and swim

Sebastien: Really, that seems like a bit much to me, maybe you should talk to your coach??

Me: no, beleive me, you dont want to do that... the more i talk to him, the more training i get, so i just try to lay low all day and avoid him...but he even find me on internet....oh well

Sebastien: it s a fun world you live in!!!!

Me: yes it is!!


triblog carol said...

Funny, I enjoy your blog posts, keep them coming! I hope you get some rest days, btw!

Jodi said...

I hate the too tired to sleep feeling!

I'm so happy that you seem to be doing well out there. Can't wait to see you tear it up this season. Miss you!


Scott Curry said...

Pretty cool what you're doing Jonnyo,...pretty cool.

I'm looking forward to seeing how you go in Australia.

Best with everything!

Danny Montoya said...

It's called "living the dream" people!!!

IronBarista said...

this is the best blog ever
french canadians are some of the best story tellers when they tell their stories in english
they may be good in french as well, but my french sucks so i wouldn't know
keep up the hard work jonnyo