Saturday, February 28, 2009

back to subic bay

I m home!!!! after 30h of traveling, some flight delay, i made it back to tbb camp and happy to be back. It s hot, humid, sunny and there is lots of hard work to do!

I arrived a 3;30am on saturday and was excpeting to have a pity pass for a easy swim at 7am. I got in the pool sure that i was going to be pull out mid session as it was the right thing to do on only 3h of sleep. Well, no, warm up down, i stayed there, main set...i was still there second main set...he was left in this pool to get my share of pain with the others....

oh well, i guess there is no break!!!

today is a busy day with a few trips to the track for some pain workouts....I m thinking of buying a water fountain for the track as there is no cold water there and when you end up passing your life on a track and run insane amount of loop around this silly thing.... it would be nice to get some cold drinks!

today was 37 degress and 65% humidity when we got in the track...but lucky me, there was a few cloud every 10minutes to give us a break!

time to go for another run....

here s a cool video..


Danny Montoya said...


Jordi girl has been up to her same old shenanegans ;-) MISSES YOU A LOT!

Train hard, have fun, and give Zackie poo a hug from us ;-)

Judy said...

OMG - what a great post and video - thanks for sharing. Good to hear you and Zach are doing good so far from home - can't wait to hear more. HUGS!!

M5MAN said...

IF you ever get in trouble.. lmk....I've got family there.

Do you know Arland Macasieb ? He might be there as well.

You and Zack enjoy !

Cheers !