Saturday, January 3, 2009


Hello everyone! i m back to warm new mexico! Happy to be back but i caugh a cold during my trip in quebec... not enough sleep!!!!

For the season 2009, i m joining team TBB and will be working with coach Brett Sutton to help me have a succesfull season and keep improving! I have think about this decision since beggining of november and have now been working with brett for a few weeks now. It s been very exciting and lots of fun to work with a new approche and training program.

I will be heading to a training camp in phillipine in march and a early ironman in april! I m also very happy to have some new sponsors to team up with. Yesturday, i got a big box of shoes from AVIA to try out and see what model fit me well. I feel like a kid at christmas!!! well, i guess it s kind of christmas anyway so!!!!

I might also have a chance to race the Wildflower half ironman triathlon in may and many more races that soon to be annonce! If things work out, i might even have the chance to get back where i left in 2007 in penticton and race ironman canada again and work to improve on my previous finish ;)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that s all for now...time to sleep,....and get the work done!


Al said...

Congrats on the new sponsors and new coach. Good luck in 2009!

xoxo said...

Congrats, Jonnyo!

Scott Curry said...

Kudos brotha. Hope you get fitter than fit with rejuvenated motivation and health.

Fleck said...

You Go Jonnyo!

Tracy said...

I am so excited for your 2009 season to unfold. What an exciting time! All the best and see ya out there.