Saturday, February 14, 2009

a post from doc

well, a post from my coach today.... on valentine's day!

my little sad valentines , all.
yes , a long way from home and the love ones , except for matt , see my boy living here has its advantages ,
but we all a little down so , ole doc thought best to give you all a little present for the day , but thought one present was not enuff , so
a little brick in the morning to take away those blues , and then another little brick in the evening
to show ow much he cares for you .

at worst its a little something to remember valentines day in 2009 , hihi, i bet you will remember and tell stories about it long after your tri career is over .
i can see the stories ,
2009 was a great yr , we all trecked to of all places phillipines to meet a very strange little fat man
i remember the year , because on valentines day ,
he encouraged me , to really consider how much i am prepared to pay for being the best athlete i can be .
it was very considerate of him .
he said "he didnt want any of us to keep sacrificing being away from our loved ones , if we were deluding ourselves of what we really wanted out of triathlon , he would just feel bad as he too is a romantic "

happy valentines day

i have to say, it was a hard day.... i m amaze at all the hard work we can do and back up when you take ALL the distraction out of your life and commit to a single goal. Never done so much so fast, so fun, and still able to walk home when the day is over. I only had a few chance in my life to work with such a driven and committed group.....i m enjoying it a lot...

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Sports Endurance Enthusiast said...

What a great story! You are such an inspiration! Everybody in the tri community loves you!