Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thank you to team TBB

The season 2009 is coming to a end. Lets make a short and accurate review of the year

I got 4 triathlon in me.

-DNF ironman australia
-slow time at wildflower
-Win at the oliver olympic distance
-2nd place and bike course record at Oliver half ironman
and follow by 6 months of injury to my hip and knee

It s now the holiday season, we are coming on the new year and a few changes will come with it.

I would like to take the time to say a big thank you to Team TBB for taking me on board and supporting me this season. It s not secret that they took a risk in taking me after a lot of sickness and injury in the past year and that it asnt pay off for them. But i do have to say it as been a incredible experience to be part of the team and take part in our training camp in the philippines. The group of athlete is simply amazing, hard workers and driven individuals.

The 2 months in subic bay living with Zach and scott, and working with Brett sutton have been a lot of fun and hard work. Brett is definitly passionate about his work and it s been a pleasure to work with him. As for our manager Alex, he as had this vision of creating a team that would have a high performance dedication with also a social project attach to it. He as been working very hard at it and some amazing things have come up from it.

I have to say, i feel really lucky to be part of the team for the 2009 season.

What s next?! Well, my body as still not been giving me the green light to get back to my full routine. it s very frustrating but i do have to stick to it and keep working at it.

I will not be back with team TBB in 2010 but it dosn't mean there wont be any link with them in the future...:) some changes are obviously needed for me. I will have to face the music and be very honest with myself....there is a lot of work ahead of me....

More news on January first.................

wish you all a merry christmas!!!


Cyber Stalker said...

Merry Christmas to you too Jonny and I hope 2010 is your healthy fit year and you have the time of your life.XXXXOOOO MJ

drtommy said...

If you would just start drinking more beer I would be able to offer you a position on our team (TBD).

PS your team lost a meadow match today and you owe french lessons to Geoff and Sadie.

Where is the roller wheels video?

Lauren said...

Come to Austin and run some trails with us! And you can hang with Shiner and race come cross in January... Austin marathon/half marathon in February... come on down!