Friday, November 13, 2009

the day after the storm!!!!!!

Well, it s been on big storm! Things flying around....a real hurricain and when i woke up, this is what penticton look like this morning!!!

It s also been a bit of a storm on other area! My blog account as been the victim of a higjack tentative that failed because of my super secret code. 54321! I also have a new fan on my blog that logged 36 times in the past 50h!!! He must really like my blog! And thank you for all the nice message from everyone!

Well, Doctor Tom evans and me went x country skiing this week. A first time ever for us to ski together. I did help him a bit with his technic and ski behind him so i could have a better look at his technic! I m looking forward to see how fit i can get on those skis as there is a fun racing season coming up starting in janurary!

ok, more silly and positive stuff coming up soon...


D said...

50? Crap... I thought I had only logged on about 30 times.

Team Big Deal said...

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Scott Curry said...

I hope the skiing continues to serve you well in fitness and fun.

By reading your blog over the years, i've noticed that you'v made grate progress with you're Englais. Becoming a purfect spelling frankophone isn't easy -- here's a video that might help you get to the next level:


Michael Bowen said...

Wonder if it was your "buddy?"