Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New addition to the Pratt family

Look what Melissa and Will found in a basket the other day!!!!!! Yes....they went to the hospital on thursday night and came back home with Sophie Isabelle Pratt!!!!! Ok, i m not sure how that happen, i never suspected any of this and was just thinking Melissa was going a bit too strongly on the chocolat chip muffins but she had a baby hiden somewhere!!!!!

Sophie is only 9 lbs but dont underestimate her...she as powerfull lungs and as show it to us every 2h between 11 pm and 4am every night!!!! It s a really exciting time and i got to hold her for the first time today! She is only 5 days old but dont worrie, i have already been thinking of some sort of swim lesson in the lake with her within the next week. Better start early!!!

This pictures is of Sophie when i annonce that i was going to take her to dairy queen tomorow night on my babysitting night!!!! Can you tell how happy and excited she is!!!!! please, dont worrie, i m responsible and will only allowed her a medium size oreo blizzard!

should be a fun summer!!!!!

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