Friday, March 28, 2008


I m so excited, it s friday, the begining of the weekend!!!! Wait... nop, there is nothing special for me in the weekend... everyday is hard work week or weekend!

Some clarification about the dog... i didnt really got a dog, my friends in new zealand got a dog but i like to think it s mine!

Today: 1h10 run tempo with sergio... got the work done, nothing else to say about it.

I also got some new saddle from Selle Italia!!!! I will be riding the new OPTIMA saddle and the SLR. I rode for 1h45 on the new saddle!!! fun fun fun!

Finaly a technical 4km swim, even a short day like this seems like a enourmous task right now... there isnt a lot of extra energy left in me....

Tomorow is a relatively easy day before hitting it hard again sunday for a long ironman simulation day. sergio is heading out for the timex camp so i m alone again for a few days..... i might have my PIFC (pre ironman freakout crisis) anytime soon......

I would like to take the time to say good luck to Danny, Rich, Kev, lauren racing in oceanside tomorow morning, i will be watching online. Then at 8pm.... my friend paul tichelaar, kyle jones, colin jenkins, brent mcmahon and a few of the girls will take on the first world cup of the season in australia... live coverage !!!!!!!!!!! good luck to everyone!

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