Wednesday, March 5, 2008

IF you build it, he will come

This big week is going well so far!

Monday, paulo had given me a free day....! WOW... it s the first time in 2 years that i have a free day! One sec, What is a free day??? He said i was free to do whatever i feel like! Humm... so i can sit on my butt all day or go sit on motorcycle and it s fine!!!

I end up running 50 minutes!

Yesturday was another longish day.

Started with a solid 50minutes run, i felt great and high turnover!

Rode 4h35 doing twice trans mountain climb and another 30 minutes interval on rolling terrain. I say 30 minutes but i really have no clue as i dont use a watch or a powermeter and dont have a computer on my bike. I usualy look at the sun and how many degres it as move... pretty accurate when it s not cloudy!

Finaly, at night, for a rare time, i went to the pool, it was 7pm, the lights were one and it was in the low 40 high 30s..... the pool is long course and it was empty. The perfect time for me to log in my classic 30X100m on 1:30. There was a lot of steam so i had hard time seeing the clock but i think it was pretty solid....

overall day was about 6h40

Also, something strange happen durning that swim, it was dark outside, we could see the stars, i was the only swimmer and when i touch the wall, i could hear a voice saying, IF YOU BUILD IT, HE WILL COME. Now, not sure what i m suppose to build and who will come but it was one very cool swim session last night!!!!


khai said...

I think that "it" is a waterslide!

No need to check with Danny before you begin construction - I'm sure he'd approve.

Blake Becker said...

A Retractable Dome?????

Judy said...

"I usualy look at the sun and how many degres it as move... pretty accurate when it s not cloudy!"
Were you a boyscout? LOL!!