Saturday, March 15, 2008

lack of posting

i m training hard.... very hard, i m tired, i dont have much energy to post. That is why i dont post!

Sergio got in town, should be fun to have someone to train with on a more regular basis. There is also tons of other athelte of the HTFU group here for a week. should be fun!

The last few days since last update

sunday: swim 3km 4h ride
monday: swim 4km 4h30 ride
Tuesday run 1h swim 30X100m 4km
Wednesday run 1h ride 4:45 swim 4km
thursday Run 2;10 run 50min
Friday ride 2h run 50min swim 4km with 3X800m
saturday run hard tempo for 1h for total of 1;45 swim 6X400m for 4km

tomorow is one huge day.... 7h40 of training...!!!!!

lets get the work done!


Scott Curry said...

Make the day count Jonny!

shawn and tracy said...

Keep up all the hard work! I am so excited to see how 2008 pans out for you!