Sunday, March 2, 2008

back IN THE ZONE!!!!!!!!!

I had a amazing trip in san diego and learn a lot from cervelo co founder Gerard and Phil and there staff and engineer. I might share what i have learn if i have time.... maybe a new video!

The trip was quick.... i got there tuesday night.... and left thursday afternoon. I drove back from San diego to las curces in one straigh shot and got here thursday night at 1am!!!!

Friday: 4.5h ride doing the trans mountain loop... didnt feel that great and sleepy but i got the word done. I also did a 50 minutes run and that was it for the day!

Saturday: 90 minutes run with 50 minutes at tempo z3...... it was one hard workout done in a out and back on frontage road... kind of like hawaii marathon!!!!

Rode for 2h endurance and finaly got a 4km swim with a 10X200m on 3min long course.... average 2:35ish.


it was hell on earth!!!! very dusty!!!! i rode 6h doing trans mountain and climbing on both side, then riding home and time trialing from the appartement to the top of the the canyone rd... it was one painfull and hard ride with over 2+h of z3 riding.....

transition run 41 minutes in the wind!!! and a 3km swim.....

a 7h30 training day..... very good to get me ready for ironman!

This coming week will be very big.... lots of big training..... i need to keep rolling and be consistant... ironman az is coming fast and i sure dont feel ready!!!!


Danny Montoya said...

Wow! Awesome work Jonny!! I was thinking of you and your ride on Sunday when I saw what the whether was like!! Way to tough it out and stick to the schedule dispite less than perfect conditions!!!

Scott Curry said...

GO JONNY GO!!!! I'm really looking forward to seeing how you go in AZ.