Wednesday, March 26, 2008

long run day

Long run, very tired, legs werent happy but i still got 2h30 run... my longest run in over a year!
I then swam a 3km easy with a 2km straight.... i didnt want to stop as the water was a bit colder than usual and i get very cold quickly right now as i m very lean.......

-About been lean, it s not fun, i look like a starving kid... i m cold all the time, i had to stay in the hot shower for 10minutes after the swim to regain normal body temperature. I m craving food, no no, i m obsessed with food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, fries, burger, pizza, ice cream, cheescake, fry chicken, bacon, harshborn etc. But i eat tuna and rice instead!!! I m so excited about breakfast that i dont even need a alarm to wake up..... I got chase by a dog on a ride the other day and that mean dog turn around quickly and try to run away from me when it realised that i was the one hunting him and looking at him like my next meal...... everyone love a HOT DOG!!!
Anyway, as soon as ironman arizona is over... i mean passing the finish line, i get back on the sumo wrestler diet!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few days ago, the group went for dinner and as we walked out the restaurent, khai was in admiration in front of a hugly car (not sure of the model but it was a hold 50-60s car???) and i told him he just had bad taste....
well, khai knew i was going to the grocery store and in front of everyone he pull out of his wallet a 1$ bill and told me to GO BUY MYSELF SOME TASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
, i had to mention it because it was a great burn.... i looked like a fool in front of everyone! Good job Khai!!!!

BANG!!! AND FROM THERE, IT S EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( only paulo and sergio will get that one...:)

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shawn and tracy said...

A mean, lean, racing machine...Go Jonnyo Go...You should race with your zebra stripe war paint ;-)