Monday, March 24, 2008


life is a lot more quiet in LC..... no more campers....jodi is here but she is part of the furniture so that dosnt count!

today, i went on the road with sergio for a 1h50ish base ride in a good wind. My legs are complelty smash and it took me some focus to get this session over with. I have to say that we started this session at 11am so imagine how much procrastination we did in the morning! We finaly went to the pool at 6pm for a 4km workout. Nothing special there other than the cute twin sisters lifeguard are back at the pool:)!!!!

I had a lot of friends emailing me or asking me how excited or confident i feel about the coming race. I get a bit annoyed with these questions. I dont like to talk about the coming race. The true is, i m not confident, i m scare so bad of everyone on the start list and really hope to not get my ass kick!!!!

So what about confidence... well, i use to complain to paulo that i dont feel confident enough going into a race... that we need to change things and training so i feel more confident. His answer was pretty simple. HE DOSNT CARE ABOUT ME BEEN CONFIDENT!!!!!!!! His goal is to get me to the start line FIT and RESTED and READY TO EXECUTE. I finaly learned that it s all that matter.... to show up fit and GET THE WORK DONE! So, i still think i will get my ass kick by every single people register for this race.... that get me out of the door everyday to work really hard......but i will show up very FIT.....

tomorow is another 6-7h day.... time for bed!


Jodi said...

What am I? Table? Chairs? Dishwasher? Lazy-girl recliner?


tfo said...

Great post! And say hello to Jodishwasher for me.


MarkyV said...

The true is, i m not confident, i m scare so bad of everyone on the start list and really hope to not get my ass kick!!!!
We all think like that. Not at your level but I still think the same way. I did it as a swimmer too. The thing is to only think about yourself and YOUR fitness. Don't worry about how it relates to others. You have put YOUR work in and on YOUR race day you will surpass all YOUR expectations and by the fact that you worry about it before hand it will make YOUR victory at the end all that more satisfying. Keep it up dude. YOU are going to do great.

*** nice new title bar pic ***
-back on the "e" bike

WC Athlete said...