Monday, March 31, 2008

At PsTriathlon, we always try to be at the front end of the pack in term of data, recovery methode and tracking of all the parameter of the athlete.

A very powerfull tool use by Dr Paulo Ferrera Sousa is the Mood tracking device. Every morning, me and sergio will naturaly migrate towards the coffee machine and without even thinking, we need to pick what mood we are in for the day.

What is interesting is that in the past 3 weeks, (since paulo came back from portugal) my mood as been extremely constant with about no change. It s been set at; I M HAPPY, DON'T WRECK IT BY TALKING.

I also sometimes put it at; I M CUTE, LETS PUT ME IN CHARGE.

Saturday was a swim and a run..... it was simple, get it done.

Sunday was a 5h ride with some z3 work. I had one of these days where ....... well, i should have simply ride to milagros coffee shop and sit there drinking coffe for 5h and my hr would have been the same. But i got the ride done and a 40minutes run after.....

Now, Sergio as suggested we should have a fountain in the appartement flowing with fresh coffee all day long. I think it should be coke instead.... if anyone know of any fountain that can do that, please let us know....

ok... 2 more weeks before race day, i m getting excited to race even if i dont feel so great right now! I have look at my bank account balance last night and i m feeling extremly motivated to put a solid training day today and really go fast on april 13th. When coffee or coke dosnt provide the special kick in the butt, the bank account is always there to reminde me how much of a BOP (back of the pack) I'm!!!!


Danny Montoya said...

Very awesome training tool!!! You are very lucky that Paulo let's you choose what mood you are in. For us "third tier" PS Triathlon athletes, he chooses the mood he wants us to be in!!!! ;-)

Jodi said...

I personally am a big fan of: I've got charm coming out of my butt.



Paulo Sousa said...

My mood state, missing on that chart, is always: "I know how you feel, I just don't care"