Thursday, March 20, 2008

still alive

getting the work done......

I get a bit more quiet when the training is this hard.... i havent post much, i dont answer emails, or phone call, i just get the training done, eat and sleep. it s been hard, i drink a lot of coke and have very light sleep at night! But i m enjoying my time like never before!

sunday was a solid 7h40 of training
monday was a solid swim bike run day!
tuesday another 7+h day
wednesday was over 42km of running(2 runs) plus some biking....
today was another long ride and run....

i have sergio in town and it s been nice to have tons of new people at the camp,

mariana, judy, jacqui(for a short short time) are in town..... danny is of course around!!!!!

new people, Richard was a lot of fun to meet, also have a few days with kevin, Lauren the winter chicago girl that is in great shape right now, my roomates, sergio, Khai(he is always at our place:) ) jodi and paulo and we have a guest at the camp that isnt part of the crew but working hard to be accepted as a official member of the HTFU crew, miss PURSE.... but i prefer to call her Jerdonekova!!!

it s been really fun and really hard, 10 more big days for me.... then, i will have a bit of a taper!

need to go to bed, tomorow i have a 1h50 tempo run with sergio and i do think i m gona die...... also a swim where i will take one a challenge of beating the slovak specialist medley swimmer, miss Jerdonekova at a 200m medley long course....then, will have a ride just to make sure i deserve my dinner!!!

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tfo said...

For the 200 IM challenge wear your red crocodile swimsuit!!

It was fun to be in LC, tough to get back to the office!

Richard / TFO