Saturday, March 22, 2008

a few more day in the bag!

more and more solid work!

Friday was the tempo run day, 30 min warm up, i did 12 miles with the trottle fully open!!!! and cool down for 10 min for 1h50 of pain! It was definitly a solid run on frontage road on rolling terrain

Got also a swim in, and a transition practice/clinic. I finish the day with a dinner with the camper at danny's house! it was great and we really have a nice group of highly motivated athlete, it s been very fun to have them around!

Today was a 3h ride and i stayed behing danny that was riding solid tempo for a big part of the ride.... it was a lot of fun! The girls were also moving pretty quick!

Also had a swim with a 100 200 300 400 500 400 300 200 100 pyramid and finaly finish the day with a run with sergio.... and yep... it was a very slow run!

tomorow, the camper are leaving:( me and sergio have a 8+h day so we wont get to hang out with them ...... still a lot of hard work to do to get ready for IMAZ!!!!!!!!

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jriosa said...

Damn that swim workout looks familiar.