Sunday, January 6, 2008

2008 start slow!

i m back from the christmas vacation! I dont know why i call it vacation because it s nothing like what vacation should feels like. You run everyday to see as many people as possible, eat way too much and go to bed late or very late. I end up burn out and sick:(

IT s still been a lot of fun skiiing and seeing friends and meeting new one. I had a awsome new year evening with awsome friends up in a cabin in the gatineau park. We also ski in the dark pass midnight!!!! a amazing experience!!! But on a training point of view, it was a disastor. I manage a few good training session but got sick from food poisonning and it lasted a good 7 days.

I m now back to Las Cruces and very happy to be here. Everything is quiet and i m getting a lot of time to recover and get the training done. It s also very good weather so that make training outside a fun experience! I m waiting for some new toys to arrive from cervelo!!!! i hope to have the chance to go to tucson for a short camp and get to try them on the amazing road out there!

Anyway, i will be better at updating this blog now that i m back to my routine! Tomorow is early swim with the girls so i better get to bed now and get some good sleep!

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Lauren said...

hey! you're famous:

after our chat yesterday, i had some unusual dreams last night!!!