Friday, January 11, 2008


I M IN TUCSON !!!!!!!!!!!!

i been in this place many times and it always been very good to me. I meet my amazing friends Brian & Mimi here and many more.

This time, i m back here for a 3 weeks training camp with the canadian national team. All short course speedy athlete. I will be here until the 28th!

Training as been going well but i m still not in great shape. It s a long process but i should be back to decent fitness soon. I m just trying to be consistant and get the workout in!

This morning, we where up at 6am for coffee before heading to the pool for a 5.2km workout. The main set was a 3X800m repeat on 45sec rest and a few more repeats on 100m on 1:30.

I m not resting before a 90 minutes ride and a 30 minutes run! But most importantly, i need to find a way to escape the high secrurity condo complex to get to the shop where they might be 2 new cervelo waiting for me!!!!!!! I can't wait to start playing with them!!!

pictures of the camp coming soon!


Adamo said...

Bonjour to the Tucson crew

Danny Montoya said...

Ha! As soon as I leave Arizona and get back to L.C. you leave L.C. and go to Arizona ;-) Guess I'll have to hit the trials alone!!! Have a great camp!!! TRAIN HARD!!