Sunday, January 13, 2008

where the time goes????

The training as been awsome but also very tiring. I just can't beleive days goes by so fast!

Saturday was a nice 4h ride finishing with 7 miles of climbing of mt Lemmon. Riding with jordan was a very humbling experience as he simply destroyed me all day long. The other boys were also riding strong and we all rode together for the first 3h. Some attack and littel sprint now and there but it s was a very good ride overall.

I ran 1h and that was it for the day!

Today was a 1;25 run in sabino canyon. We ran the phone line trail. It was wet on some bridge and we ran with wet shoes for most of the way!!!! Amazing scenery running high on the cliff of the canyon.

Swim 5km with some steady work and also had a 2h nap. I m tired today and looking forward to go to bed!

Tomorow is a 5km swim, 2h spin and 1h run! A lot of fun!!!

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