Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mt lemmon!!!!

What a day!!!!! Riding in beautifull sunny day with a great group of very driven athlete! On this pic, kyle jones, sean bechtel, me and colin been....himself!!!! Everyone was all smile knowing a nice 18 miles climbs was about to start!!!!

It didn't take long for the pace to heat up!!!! Jordan was up the road towing kyle and andrew was alone in no man land..... I had colin setting up a very solid pace and i was simply focusing on simon's butt.... dont let it go.... dont let it go!!!!
I was riding the CERVELO R3-SL. WOW.... This bike is so much fun!!! It s like a very happy dog always ready to play! It s just under 15lbs!!!! very nervous and stiff but these tiny seat stay make for a very nice ride.... by far the most fancy and nices road bike i have ever own! I m very happy with it! It look cool also!!!!
Pic of me at mile 16.... it was getting cold and i put on a jacket. There was snow on the side of the road and i was focusing on catching up on Sean and Paul that were my friends going up to the 18 miles marker!

The down hill was a blast! about 30 minutes of fast pace with nice corners!!!! The riding time was about 3.5h. I also had a nice 5km swim this morning and a 40 minutes run so it s was a pretty decent day!!!

The training as been going very well as i been very consistant everyday doing mostly base miles with mostly everything at endurance pace.... nothing crazy but still about 30h a week! getting the work done but also having a great time... i m very lucky to be doing this!!!!

good night everyone!

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