Wednesday, January 30, 2008

kawaska ninja 250r 2008

Well, still alone in las curces. The last few days have been good!

yesturday was a early morning 50minutes run, a 4.5h bike after battling some hurricain wind of 25-35mph into a hilly loop taking me over trans mountain highway. I almost got blow off my bike a few times..... it was simply insane. Then a short swim..... for a 6+h day!

today was a 1h35 run in the morning, a 4km swim in the afternoon and i m suppose to go out again for a 50 minutes run but the wind are now at 35mph(50+km/h and it s like a giant sand storm and you can see more than 500m ahead.... so, i might have to wait as the breathing is extremly bad right now. I would say it s a down side of Las Cruces, when i get windy.... the air quality goes down as there is so much sand and dust everywhere....

I had a bit of free time this late afternoon and after the swim, i was driving by the Kawasaki dealership and i decided to stop to look at race bikes. I never owned a bike, i dont know anything about them other than driving on for 3 minutes in a quiet street. it was a small honda 400 that my good firend paul tichelaar had in victoria.

Anyway, i seen recently that kawasaki make there legenday ninja rocket bike but they have a tiny model call the 250. It s a tiny engin but can still do at 110mph+ and make 0-60mph in 5 sec. so..... it s still a race bike but smaller than anything else and very light. In 2008, they made the bike identical to there high end and bigger model, the 600 and 750. So, the ninja 250 look like a freak super duper racing machine but as the tiny engin, tiny gas consomation and also, cheap price and insurrance. I wanted to see it and see if i like it.

I park my car in front of the dealership, right away, a sale person come to me to greed me. Is name is Mark. Poor guy, he dosnt know he as a real joker in front of him and that is change of making a sell are 0%!!!! Anyway, i tell him first thing I M ONLY HERE TO SEE THE BIKE.... i want to see a kawasaki ninja 250 2008...and they.... I M GONE!!! i get to the bike, i sit on it... we both go to the best meaningless talk about how awsome the bike is, that girls will go crazy for me because of it and that it s the freaking coolest thing in the world. I ask him to get me more details and price and all the cost associated with it.

HE goes away and in the meantime, i sit on the machine and dream of driving it down the NMSU campus with a girl wearing only a bikini on the back! Yeah,

So the manager come this time with the sale person and we sit at a table.... it s gona get serious!!!! He tell me about it, 3799msrp, 239 shipping 384 installation and other stupid bull shit cost.... for a total of 4 479$. They proced to tell me about there awsome promotion and that they can get me on the bike right now and i can leave with it tonight.... no problem.

I said thank you and i need ot leave now.... i jsut wanted to see the bike.

oh boy,.... they wont let me go that easily..... the manager...

Manager: what do you need to think about?, we can get you a promotion of 0% for 6 months no down payement and you age gone with it in 1h!!!!

ME: (thinking in my head... poor triathlete, have no credit.... no way i will get approval) No, i just want to think about it, i m not sure if i like the color or not..... i prefer the green one.

Manager: grabe the phone and see if they have a green one in the warehouse..... Yep, we have a green one for you!

ME: (fudge%$#.... i wont get away it that) well, it s ok, i m sure not sure about it....

Manager: but it s the last day for our 0% promotion..... then, you wont be able to take advantage of this special offer... do you have the money for this bike??? what is your situation?

Me: well, money isnt a issue.... i could drop 15k right now on the 750 GRX but i like the small one......

Manager: What do you do in life?

ME: i m a professional triathlete, is definitly not a issu, i jsut need to make up my mind..... i will wait a bit more, i done need the 0% pomotion, i will just pay cash when i want one....

Manager: wow.... professional triathlete!!! you look fast!!!! We could offer you a nice helmet, jacket and glove to go with the bike.....

Me: ok.... ok..... i will come back tomorow .........

hummmm.... i really want that bike.... it s just a good size for me... but wow... these sale person are sure agressive.... i dont think they realise i m a professional triathlete and money grow on three in my house!!! anyway.... i need to find 4500$ now..... and i think they might be better way to spend the tiny bit of money left in my account than buying a race bike........ it s funny to think that any of my cervelo bikes are worth more than that motorbike...... hummm....maybe i could sell one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good night everyone! train well!!!!

Ps:if anyone as contact with pharaceutical company.... please...get in touch with me!!!! i have a few idea in mind!


MarkyV said...

Ps:if anyone as contact with pharaceutical company.... please...get in touch with me!!!! i have a few idea in mind!
There's the dude in Laveen. ;)

khai said...

<$200 will get you going fast enough to hurt yourself, although I'm guessing that you might have a hard time getting a girl in a bikini to ride on the back of that with you...

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