Sunday, May 4, 2008

Back to blogging

My vacation are over! time to get back to training and make every day count. I m in a very good mental space right now and ready to get the work done.

I had a amazing vacation in florida for 2.5 weeks with some amazing friends. I was helping my friend bruno in coaching a triathlon camp and i got to do a bit of training everyday and had a lot of time to share some good laugh and hang out with people that are important to me.

I m now in boulder! Yep, Boulder is gona be my home for the next few months in preparation for ironman lake placid. My coach want me to try this altitude training and i m very excited about the new challenge. I rode for 4h today at altitude over 9000 feet and i can tell my lungs were screaming for air!

Yesturday, i had a great dinner with some people from boulder. I got the chance to meet with Mark, Erin, Dennis, Laura, Jen and Andrew and having a good welcoming dinner.

I m presently living at the Weathersby villa and we have a automatic coffee machine! I will post more about this of course but i m extremely lucky to be staying with them and i have the perfect set up to get ready for the summer races!

time for bed.

Yesturday was 1h run, 2h ride and 4km swim
today was 4;30 ride, 1h run!



Big ass sitter said...

Welcome back Jonnyo! I missed your blogs. My cyber stalking has been slow lately. It's like Jodi and Jonny are on strike. My life is boring if I can't live through you guys.Train safe!

Marcel B said...

I had a great time in Clermont and want to thank you for all the training tips.

Glad to hear that Boulder is your home for the next few months.

Now whats with the "Automatic coffee maker!!!"

See you in Lake Placid.

Marcel B

khai said...

The "automatic" part means that Will gets up before he does...