Monday, April 21, 2008

still alive

i m still alive. On the beach of cocoa beach in florida relaxing and recovering from the hard racing and training. I m also trying to get fat and put on weight! I been eating a lot of McDonald, ice cream, fry chicken, chocolat, cheescake and more!!!!!!
I m actually coaching at a training camp in clermont and working with some very awsome athlete. Here is me and cynthia working on the swim stroke technic.
Here i m showing the proper position to enter in the water!!! I m really enjoying my time as a coach!
silly group pic before a lake swim with the gator watching us on the shore....
me explaning the latest technic on how to succesfully survive a attack by aligator.
me and one of my first ever coach, Daniel Rozon at the NTC pool.
i once awile get in the water with the athlete as i need to not get to hot of shape! I did a good 1000m that day!
Me and annie claude working on the catch phase!

well, i will be here for another 10 days.... keep working hard and trying to help these very motivated and fun group of athlete. I will be going to St Petersburg for the triathlon next weekend! hope to see a lot of you out there...
time for bed


MarkyV said...

I like what you are doing with your students on the bench about the catch phase. I did that twice today with some folks. Poke them in the deltoid to remind them of the muscle that they want to be activating when pulling against you.

See you soon

Jacqui said...

Looks like you are having FUN as always! Glad your diet is consisting mostly of junk food like mine. I actually quit the bad eating and shall return to training again today! Enjoy the break!

Anonymous said...

Hello there

Great race even with all the problems! I was woundering what your FTP would be? Just curious of what kind of power the pros have.
and good luck in our next race