Monday, May 5, 2008

what really happen on the mountain

Today was a great day in Boulder.

It started with a hard swim with Mark. We did a nice 10X200m on 2;30 and 3X300m. I have to say that i suffer a lot on that set and i m not use to the altitude but it was a lot of fun! total was 4km. Oh, i should mention that mark was actually doing the 200s on 2;15 holding 2;07.... i have a lot of work to do:)

I then headed to Andrew's place where he was super nice to fix my mtb and adjuste everything so i could ride with them on flagstaff mountain. With us was also Erin and Blake.

We started with a fun downhill and Andrew and Blake are two very good mtber so they simply took off right away and i was left in there dust. To be a gentlemen, i rode behind Erin as i knew she as the bad habbit of falling of her bike and wanted to make sure she make it in one peice down the hill. She might have think that she was actually riding better than me but the reality was, i was just polite and making sure everyting was alright.

I have to admit that i felt a lot better going up the hills and we were very lucky that andrew and blake were nice enough to wait for us every 5 minutes!!!!

we then stopped for a taste of the scenery of boulder!

i then finish the day with a great 1h run....and was lucky to have some leftover home made pizza that Denise made tonight!!!!!

i m dead now but cant fall asleep, it s only been 3 days back to training and i m already overtrain!!!!


Erin said...

He's lying...I was totally kicking his butt down hill. I believe we were waiting for YOU at the bottom Mr Caron...but to make you feel better, you were waiting for me at the top. So I guess we're even. It's too bad you boys had to hammer that ride and be smashed now. Should have taken it a little easier and felt great like I do!!! Bwhahaha. Okay, I'm done now.


Danny Montoya said...

MTBing in Boulder!!! I'm very jealous!!!!!

shawn and tracy said...

Yeah, I want to mtb with the jonnyo!! I'll come up there or you can come down here : )

Adamo said...

Mr Caron, give me a call:
(303)550-8660,or email me. I'm in Boulder now too, it would be great to catch up,