Sunday, May 18, 2008

the road to lake placid

ok, i m back to silly blogs... i forgot that i had a blog... i promise tons of pictures as i got my camera back in working order...maybe some video also...

the pic is one of the road in boulder called Lee Hill. as we look, it s facing north east....toward lake placid a few 1000s miles away!!!!

what s coming up, a lot of training to get ready for lake placid. I will first race in boise on june 1st and then Muskoka chase on june 15th. Then lake placid on july 20th.

The training as been good but a bit boring. I m still not in ironman specific prep but more in general training phase and i get a bit bored. So i been doing tons of stuff outside my triathlon life...

anyway, time for bed, more silliness tomorow as i will show everyone where i live and what are the great attractions at the Weathersby villa!!!!!

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