Thursday, April 10, 2008

3 days before

thank you very much to everyone that is writing me messages before the race, i dont have the time right now to answer them all but i really like to receive them! thank you.... it s really welcome before the race!

I was at the race site for a few hours this morning and got a swim in, then register and meet some cool people.

Tomorow will be a press conference at 11am and a pro panel question/answer... please come say hi!

A big thank you to kylie for hug help.... i cracked my disc cover and wheelbuilder is sending me one extremly fast with the help of kylie so i can ride it on race day!

i can feel the tension going up... lots of fast athletes around... very intimidating but me and sergio still found the courage to have our pictures taken with this really fast girl.... not sure who she is but she sure look fast...and serious also... she didnt even smile!!!!


Judy said...

They might look fast - but you two are going to be the fastest!!!!

Erin said...

I knew that pic was big but I didn't know it was life-size! I'm not smiling because I'm in a world of pain...that race was torture :)

Lauren said...

Post more photos of your bike!!!!