Thursday, April 3, 2008

my first watch!!!!

I m not a member of the team timex.... i wasnt invited at there camp and didnt get to participate in there celebration...... but my good friend sergio got me a cool watch!!!! YEAH, my first watch i have ever own! today was cloudy and i could not use the sun to time my ride. I usualy calculate the movement(in degrees) of the sun from the start of my ride till the end to find out how long i rode but you cant do that when it s cloudy!!!!! the watch was really handy!!! Sergio also told me that it can controle my ipod so i tried to listen to some song during my ride but it didnt work. I m not sure what was wrong, but sergio told me i need to bring the ipod also on the ride for it to work... not sure i really understand all this technology but i will read the instruction tomorow.

Today was a brick workout, a 3h ride with some z3 follow by a 40min run. It went ok and we had the rest of the day to relax. We went to the coffee shop and tonight, as i was really bored, i decided to initiate paulo and sergio to the game of curling.

Now, we dont have ice here, and dont have to normal rock but we do have a brown carpet and golf balls so that was all we needed to start a very exciting game. I won the first game against paulo by the score of 10-2. He isnt really fast at understanding the rules but he still manage to score twice.

Here s a pic and a ESPN coverage of the game!!!!

also, a big thank you to Steve and Ann Hed that have sended me some toys to put on my bike for ironman arizona. I always like there aerobars and mine was pretty old and they offer to put me on a brand new vantage 8 aero base bar and the carbon flip light extension(s-bend). I will finish installation tomorow and take some pictures!!!! thank you Steve and Ann!!!!