Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sorry i can not blog, i m kinda busy, i m kinda busy, i m kinda busy

Ok, this as got out of controle, 4 months of no blogging. What happen?!?! M i still alive? Retired? injured?

Well, i been extremly busy this winter. My life as change and i have lots of big responsability now. I been extremely good at jungling with all of those. To start, i have a phone now, i need to pay it once a month, answer it, check messages, check voicemails etc... lots to do...

I have a brand new car, need to drive it, refuel, clean it, drive it some more...

I do have a real job outside triathlon, i run the big show at PODIUM IMPORTS ( canadian distributor or orbea, garmin, orca etc). It s a challenging challenge as i have to take all the decisions, show up to the office often(up to 5 times a week) and i have to suppervise 2 employe that arent fluent in INGLISH. Communication are often a big challenge (kiwi bird) but i m on top of things....

So,what about triathlon. Well, i m trying to keep a low profile, doing my weekly 15-20h of training and repairing my body so i can be ready to sneak in some races in early july. I m presently very busy supervising and coaching Tom Evans on his preparation for ironman Coeur d'Alene. I will also go to CDA to supervise him and make sure he dosnt make a fool of himself.

Well, that is a small update for now, i think it s time to get some more jonny tip of the weeks, training update and serious post about everything happening in beautifull penticton. I say beautifull but it s been very cold and rainy...lake are too cold to swim in and training can be challenging on some days..... summer is coming soon!

more to come!

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