Monday, February 4, 2008


I finish my last of 4 big weeks of training! It asnt been the best week for me. Very tired, unmotivated and having a hard time getting the training in. This combine with some not so good weather, made for a bit of a rough ride!

I still manage close to 27h and 3 longish rides! A few nice swim set and some consistant running. Now, i m starting a 2 weeks block of recovery before going into the ironman build up! The weather in las cruces is crazy... if it s not under 30 degres, it get windy to the point that visibility is down to 500m and there is dust everywhere.... it s insane how powerfull the wind is..... today... 35-40mph!!!!

i m still keeping myself busy with a few project and here's a short report about athlete depression. You never know when it will hit you and i advise everyone to take notes and learn so you know how to react if you get there!

have a nice day everyone!


j-mo said...

dude, if the tri thing doesn't work out for you, i think you could have a promising career as a movie director.

BIGZACH said...



Judy said...

You are so HILARIOUS!!!! OMG - I was laughing out loud. Especially with the part where you were shooting the order from below the counter!! Happy Meal to the rescue - YUM!

Andrew said...

Dude... you are such a tease... SHOW US THE GOODS!!!!

khai said...

Always trust your Dr.
She knows what you need.

But was that prescription refillable?

Lauren said...

Yes, Khai. That is a prescription with unlimited refills from Dr. Pepper.

Blake Becker said...


Anonymous said...

Salut Jo

Pas trop de chialage s.v.p
Si tu étais au Qc, C'est 4h30 de vélo stationnaire que tu aurais fait ce matin et 50 minutes de course dans la gadou.. comme nous autres.
on se voit à Tempe dans 2 mois