Saturday, February 16, 2008

I have visit!!!!

so....i m not alone anymore!!!!!!!! I have friends in Las Cruces!

Yep, Jacqui, mariana and andrea arrived last night and we all went together to Lorenzo's to join danny and misha for a nice dinner! I had the grill chicken fettucini alfredo with a lot of bread!!!!! NICE!!!!

Finaly at 10pm was Mark that got into town for a few days! He will stay here with me and he already got a good run today 55 minutes in the beautfull trails with the snow covering the mountain around us! Then a swim with a 4X500m average of 5:25 for them and finish with a 2h ride where i didnt feel too good!

Tonight, we are relaxing here before tomorow long ride. Mark also brought 2 red trek TTX size small in his car. I m not too crazy about the color of these so i m presently decorating them and making my own pain job on it. I do hope the owners wont mind????

I m also nursing a small injury so i m doing a lot of this exercice.... i need a massage therapist now!


Judy said...

I wish I was there!! Thanks for the stories and pix. Would love to be running those trails in the snow!

Eng said...

4x 500 in 5:25 ? Woh !!!!

Lauren said...

mark, glad to see your tooth is staying in your head.

MarkyV said...


You can thank Moossy's brother for that... speaking of which... i need to get a cleaning.

When was the last time it fell out?