Saturday, February 9, 2008

fun weekend!... and i m oncle!

I m oncle for the second time!!!! My brother had another baby... well not him but his girlfriend, mylene! IT s a boy, 7 pounds, 74 vo2max, 209max hr, 340 watts threshold and definitly a long distance futur athelte!!!! His name is Matys and i will have some cool pictures tomorow!!!!

To catch up on my training.... friday was a fun hard run with danny, we did a nice 6X6 minutes z4 with 1 min rest for a 1;20 run. I pass the rest of the day feel like crap... z4 always leave me feeling sick!Danny is running well and was setting a strong pace so i had to be on my best behavior to stay with him.... but i got the work done.

Today was a 4h ride doing the trans mountain loop with danny! It was nice and sunny!!! finaly, Las curces is warming up!

I then went to the pool to do a very exciting 3X800m main set pull... 8:55 8;42 8:28...on 9:30 turnover! 4km total!

now, just about to go to be early and keep on rolling. I m feeling a lot better now that last week and the recovery week as been great so far!


Jodi said...

Holy crap, Jonathan- You're swimming great right now! I expect to see you first out of the water in April!

Can't wait to see pics of the future SUPASTAR!



khai said...

IT s a boy, 7 pounds, 74 vo2max, 209max hr, 340 watts threshold...


The BEST description of a newborn EVER!

Keep that training rolling, man - you're going to need to be in top shape to keep up with me in March.