Sunday, June 20, 2010

i m still alive!!!!!!!!!! and well!!!

How was your day? was it a good day or a bad day....lets talk about our day!

Well, i m getting the work done and this week was my biggest week in 13 months!!!! This afternoon, i finish a triple workout day, to make it 21h of training! my biggest week in over a year! I was so happy!!!! Well, of course, i m far from been a rock star with my current fitness but it sure feels good to be outside and training like this!

The weather as been, lets be honest shitty in the okanagean.... we have one of the worst ever month of june, cold and rainy and very challenging mentally. I m very happy so far as i have come a long way in the last few months from complete inactivity and injury to a much better position now!

This coming week, a easier week for me to recovery from a monster 21h and a little trip down south for a fun weekend in CDA!

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