Tuesday, March 11, 2014


This week, we have a little video that will explain a little more what the Catch really his. This is a little exercices that you can do at home and could help you greatly improve your swimming. The catch is perhaps the most important part of freestyle swimming and if you can learn to properly do it...you will make some very big progress

Join me this summer for the open water program at skaha lake and okanagan lake. we will adress the kept elements of open water swimming, get you fit and ready to race!!!

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Alfred Christensen said...

Thank you for posting this video - it is the best presentation of the catch I've seen and has really made a difference for me the last couple weeks as I've prepared for IM Oceanside 70.3 (1st tri after 30 year "retirement" since Bud Light Series race on Cape Cod in 1983...). Cheers!