Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lets be honest here mister Tom Evans

after having to deal with people making fun of me for battling with all my heart (and my extra weight and 7 months of serious injury and low fitness) in a ski race and getting beat by some 60 year old prodigy, i would like to share with you all some of Tom Evans results,

Tom as been very good at keeping on the down low what we all remeber as BLACK Saturday in 2008,

Saturday janurary 19th 2008 started nicely with perfect condition and Tom evans had put all his energy and money in getting the top of the line HF wax and fastest ski possible to attack the 4TH REINO KESKI-SALMI LOPPET. Tom was showing some agressive sign at the start of the race but nothing would have prepare us for what was to come in the next few hours.

The race went on, and tom was shatter by the pace of Doug G...the 58 year old man coming back from cancer and tom had to let doug go..... Milaine, a recreational skier competiing in her first race ever passed tom and cheering for him on the way. Tom didnt appreciate but could simple not keep the pace with the young lady. But with in the last few minutes of the race, Tom in a no man lands noticed that a 63 year old man was shadowing him on the final approche to the finish line, The old man took the outside track ready to challenge tom in a fair and square sprint dash to the line. Tom in a vicious attack move to the outside, takling the old man and pushing him in the fence while crossing the line and screaming..... TAKE THAT GERRY!!!!!

While the official miss the vicious attack on the old men by them.,....we will never forget what really happen on BLACK SATURDAY on janurary 2008.

Here's the results......


11 Doug Gudwer 669 BSR 1:01:39 2:05:19 1 M 50-59

12 Milaine Theriault 564 xc.c 1:01:38 2:06:08 1 F 30-39

13 Alastair Duncan 522 BSR 1:01:49 2:08:39 8 M 18-29

14 Thomas Evans 544 NP 1:04:17 2:09:18 4 M 30-39

15 Gerry Morrison 700 TEL 1:08:37 2:09:19 1 M 60-69


drtommy said...

First thing's DR. Tom Evans!!! Second thing...touche (that implies well done in english). How long did your search for revenge take??

Sue said...

thks for the laugh this am..just what i needed with my cup of joe!!

Anonymous said...

your not a doctor, your a dentist!